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  1. Jairogut

    DAAD 2019-2020

    mmm only 19 out of 90.????? ..That's a low number... let's see what happens ....
  2. Jairogut

    DAAD 2019-2020

    Hey David, I also applied from Colombia for the 1-year PhD research stay. I do not think we are in trouble as the answers from the DAAD have been for other different programs / scholarships. I am confident we will get our answer soon. How did your interview went?
  3. Jairogut

    DAAD 2019-2020

    I have not a clue... I am waiting for the same!
  4. Jairogut

    DAAD 2019-2020

    WOW, at least mine has the "selection made" status. Well, I guess we will have to wait until February I guess..... I was expecting a nice Christmas present from the DAAD but it looks it won't happen.
  5. Jairogut

    DAAD 2019-2020

    From Colombia
  6. Jairogut

    DAAD 2019-2020

    No, I also applied for DAAD research grants (1 year) and portal has been on "selection made" for almost 1 month I guess. No word or email from them yet. I had my interview in October 23.
  7. Jairogut

    DAAD 2019-2020

    I am exactly in the same situation you are... Did you finally get it?

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