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  1. I'm kind of in a similar boat. Right now I'm trying to decide last minute between UCSF, Stanford, and MIT.
  2. I heard back from Biochemistry like 4 days after the recruitment ended.
  3. Yes. Submitted my app on 12/31 and I was very surprised at how quick the turnaround was.
  4. Got an interview invite for Columbia Biological Sciences.
  5. I heard back from MCO last week. I couldn't tell you about the other programs though
  6. Got an interview to Berkeley MCB! They called me yesterday and today, but I was in finals ?
  7. Anyone know when to expect invites from Berkeley MCP, Stanford Biosciences (Biochem), and MIT Biology?
  8. Undergrad Institution: State school with a strong reputation in biochemistry Major(s): Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, and MathematicsMinor(s): ChemistryOverall GPA: 3.61Type of Student: Gay, hispanic maleGRE Scores (revised):Q: 161/77%V: 170/99%W: 5.0/92%Research Experience: Three summers in a cell biology lab at the state school's medical campus starting while I was still in high school. I used techniques like IF, confocal microscopy, cloning, etc. One publication where I am third author. One academic year in a cell biology lab at my college. I worked on an independent pro
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