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  1. I've accepted an offer for a program that I am really excited about! I am, however, nervous that I will get rescinded. I got a 'D' in a class for my major last semester (out of laziness and interest, bad, I know) that wasn't reported because the grades were not out yet. I will still get my degree without any issues this spring. I'm freaking out and want to enjoy my senior spring!
  2. Just got a call from Duke to switch my application from the Biology PhD to University Program in Genetics and Genomics (UPGG). I have an interview last week of January! I was a little surprised but I do think the UPGG program will be a better fit and offers more flexibility and funding.
  3. Got an interview with UCSF DSCB and I heard neuroscience came out so I think it'll be soon!
  4. Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Liberal Arts College Major(s): Biology GPA in Major: 3.44 Overall GPA: 3.29 Position in Class: top half, at least? not struggling Type of Student: multi-racial woman GRE Scores : Q: 166 (90) V: 159 (83) W: 5 (92) Research Experience: Microbiology research two summers before college, ecology research 1 year in college, two summers of evodevo research, 2 years in college 3rd/4 authors on a nature paper, 2nd/3 authors on another paper Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Only undergrad invited to speak in best student session in my division
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