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  1. Hi, Anyone who attended/considered BU, NEU or Tufts for Mechanical engineering masters program? They seem quite similar from the website, but I want to know how big the masters program is per year, how rigorous and well received the program is, job opportunities after graduation and so on.. Thank you!!
  2. congrats! Me too! I see in your signature you got Caltech geobiology acceptance, (congrats again!) when did you hear back and how did you hear back (from your POI or admin, email/phone)?
  3. Hi TakeruK could you elaborate more on this? what visa might this be? and do you know where I can find such information?
  4. I am currently residing in Europe and my partner and I are in a long-term relationship and neither of us are American citizens. Moving is a big deal for us, and we would like to make long distance across continents as short as possible. While I am pretty certain that I would like to pursue a phd in the US, right now my partner has less mobility as he is still finishing his degree for another year and a half. Ideally, I would like to defer a year so that we both have time to figure out if he can also come to the US and find a job (or more school). I don't know if this is a good enough reason for a program to let me defer for a year. Given the program is very competitive and funding is provided, how do you recommend I communicate my wishes? Anyone had similar situation? I am super excited about getting into these top programs, but my personal circumstances are making the decision making process very complicated and emotionally draining...
  5. Hello! I just got invites from two of my top choice programs (MIT Micro and Harvard OEB) and I am very excited! Does anyone know anything about what the interviews are like for either of the programs? How technical are these interviews and how should I prepare for them? First time interviewing and I could really use some advice! Thanks in advance!
  6. Congrats! Did you get your invite for MCO on Monday 17th or even earlier?
  7. Congrats! when did you hear from MCO? / when did you submit your application?
  8. Anyone else got interview invites from harvard MCO? do they send these out in a batch...?
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