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  1. Debating reaching out to a school I haven't heard from yet. Does anyone have some insight on whether or not this is frowned upon?
  2. Has anyone heard back from University of Minnesota?
  3. Did anyone apply to Colorado-Denver Neuroscience program? If so, have you heard anything?
  4. If the faculty that you are interested in takes BMS students then they are essentially the same. The only difference might be the atmosphere of the program. I am only familiar with the neuro program and the community is very tight knit. They do a lot of things together (parties, bootcamp, etc) and the department puts a lot towards making the neuro students a cohesive bunch. You also would have different required classes, there are frequently bio or bms students that will audit or elect to take neuro courses but there are not slots reserved so if they fill up them you wouldn't be able to take t
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