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  1. Thanks everyone for sharing. As for me still no update from KAUST so far. My understanding is you all applied for Fall so you still have some time. As I applied for PhD I am not very familiar with the admission process for Masters. What I can tell you is that the administrative interview will mostly focus on yourself and your character in order for them to understand if you would be a good fit in KAUST particular environment. So not much to prepare just be yourself
  2. Greetings dear friends ! I am creating this topic for those who applied to KAUST for Spring 2019 and are still waiting for the admissions results. We can also share information about the admission process for those who are interested in applying to the university. Have you guys heard anything so far from KAUST ? I had a personal interview (face-to-face interview with two members of the administration) approx. three weeks ago and still got no feedback from KAUST. I guess there is less activity during this end-of-the-year period which could explain why there is no update yet. I wish everyone all the best
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