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    TheEternalGrad reacted to Psychobabble12 in Think the GRE is useless? Think again.   
    I agree. Unless you're applying to a STEM program, I truly don't see the significance. The fact that a majority of non-STEM programs have the GRE as a requirement is likely due to funding, and the paradigm that you can measure success in a myriad differing fields with numbers. 
    Yes - you can purchase materials or an outrageously priced prep course to boost your score, if you're lucky enough to afford them. The GRE is a better predictor of gender and/or socioeconomic status than it is of true qualities of successful people: grit or high self-efficacy. 
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    TheEternalGrad reacted to FirstYear in Think the GRE is useless? Think again.   
    So I am naturally terrible at standardized tests. I had this same problem back when I was taking the SATS and it prevented me from getting into better undergraduate institutions. My GRE was 157V/152Q/3.5AW. HOWEVER, my undergraduate Institution requires Comprehensive Exams to graduate, and I passed those with Honors. Unfortunately, that was this past Fall and will not be shown on the transcripts I used to apply.  
    The lesson is that GRE scores have no bearing on what you know about your science. Your GRE score only reflects how well you do on the GRE. That's it.
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