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  1. 1) yes.... it's for the following year 2) i think the countries are pretty consistent, but i'm not entirely sure.
  2. i was kinda hoping that i would have results by now. has anyone heard anything else?
  3. i haven't heard anything about them changing the time period. they must be a bit disorganized, so if they change it, it might not be for a while.
  4. congrats on finland. i received and email saying that they need more time.
  5. next friday is the last day of the month, so hopefully we find out by then.
  6. has anyone heard anything yet? i'm planning on leaving soon and am awaiting anxiously for a response.
  7. hey guys, i'm applying for grow this year and i'm wondering if anyone can give me some info regarding the budget. i'm hoping to go to australia, and even with the somewhat expensive flight, i have no idea how to use the entire $5k. do people often do multiple trips or is there something else that this money can be used for? thanks
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