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  1. Thanks for that detailed response!! it certainly does help .
  2. I'm curious to know whether your stats were the same the first two times you applied? And if not, what changed? For example did you acquire more publications and presentations a long the way? Would be really useful to know what makes the difference in getting an admission.
  3. Do you mind letting me know your deadline to accept/decline the offer? (also congrats )
  4. Okay! I’m not really hopeful/optimistic, but will probably know soon enough
  5. Thanks! Mine doesn’t say that, so not good news for me ?.
  6. Thanks! Fingers crossed. Also thanks for this thread!! think it's help ease the anxiety.
  7. Has anyone heard from Carleton University at all (from POIs or from the department)?
  8. Hello, I'm an international student who also attended the UofT recruitment event on jan 24th and 25th (applying for MA program). Have you heard anything as yet/do you know when we can expect to get news? Have Canadian students gotten news? would l o v e to hear something (anything) soon.
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