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  1. This thread has not seen action in a while, but I thought it might be worthwhile to give it a shake and see what comes out. I'm a candidate in Cog Psych, expecting to get my degree in a year or so. I would like to get a research job in academia, but I think I'd rather work in industry than end up as adjunct or teaching in community college my whole life. In sounds like some other posters had similar thoughts. So ... Does anyone here have words of wisdom for someone in that position? I realize that question is vague, so some more specific ones could be - Specific industries or types of jobs where a PhD in Cog Psych could be most useful? General likelihood of continuing to do 'real' research in an industry job? Tips for how to go about looking for / landing such jobs? I'm also curious if any of the worried PhD students who posted earlier in this thread would like to update the community about their current status. If you've graduated since posting, did you end up going academic or industry? If industry, what industry, and how was the job seeking experience? Anything you wish you'd known earlier that you do know now?
  2. baixiwei

    NDSEG 2010

    Has everyone here already heard something? Some people at my institution already got rejections, but I haven't received anything yet - neither a rejection, nor an acceptance, nor an "alternate" notification ... WTF? Is anyone else in this situation? Like some others, I don't think I'll get it, but I can't help but hope as long as I don't know for sure. This is annoying.
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