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  1. Thank you! Really good to have another perspective. I guess I'm not too concerned they'll pull my offer, but primarily worried that if I do end up picking a different program, I'll leave them with a bad impression. But very glad to hear that I'm probably overthinking this!
  2. Hi all, I'm feeling very excited to have been accepted into the PhD program at one of my top choices, and I'm planning to visit the campus next month for their official visit weekend. They've offered to reimburse my travel and provide me with housing. I should also note that this program is halfway across the country from me. My question has to do with the possibility of extending my visit. My best friend lives in the same city as the school, and I'd love to stay through Tuesday to see him (the official days are Friday and Saturday). Would it be a bad idea to ask the department if I could be reimbursed for a Tuesday return flight, instead of the Sunday return flight that they're likely expecting? It would actually save them a lot of money, because flights are much cheaper in the middle of the week. My concern is that this will make it sound like I am only visiting their school in order to get a free trip to the city, which is definitely not the case. So, has anyone done this before? Do you think it would give a bad impression? (I tried to search the forum to find a question like this but couldn't find anything; I'm sorry if this has been asked before). Thank you!
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