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    Religion/Secularism, Semiotics, Ritual, material religion/non-religion, labor, political theology, Christianity/Catholicism, Japan, food, urban studies
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    2020 Fall
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    Social-Cultural Anthropology

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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Before I applied to my programs, I had the warning talks about scarcity of academic jobs from all but one of my professors. Even then, he did not talk about jobs afterwards but only that it was good to continue education. Anyways, I knowingly and willingly accept a hard life after (hopefully) getting a PhD in socio-cultural anthropology. I know some folks who are in a similar situation to yours, and if you to want to still be in academia you have to continue publishing, attending conferences and whatnot because that is the only way to maintain yo
  2. I applied for 4 socio-cultural anthro programs for Fall 2020. They should be listed in my signature.
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