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  1. Another so "fine art" department. I have to say my original research interests are more about design rather than art..
  2. I didn't realize I had told too much and they only asked me the first two have to say the video experience is not so good. Then I found the invitation from Calarts comes, do you guys also apply the A&T?
  3. OMG, Wednesday too. So it means there seems to be more students receive the invitation than I imaged before. I prepare the questions like: 1/Why come to DM 2/Your research interest 3/What you want to learn here 4/(**any questions you want to ask** section) These questions are the information I collected from a fellow student(she took the DM interview), but it was 6 years ago - -
  4. Hello Rosch, I also received the interview invitation from DM one week ago and I am still struggle with my language....
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