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    Worcester, MA

    Hey silencino, thanks for the info. I now have the somewhat rough idea of the city. And I'm sure I'll find the info far more relevant when I get there.
  2. Well Mr./Ms. incompetent, I am keeping an eye on the City Guide forum as well. As a matter of fact, it was me who started the Worcester, MA thread in that section but no one has replied yet. Anyways thanks for the suggestion. And btw, it's spelled as 'Worcester' not 'Worchester'.
  3. Hi, I'll be joining WPI this fall. If anyone's joining WPI then I'd love to hear from them. Please reply to the thread.
  4. here_i_am

    Worcester, MA

    I'll be joining Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA for MS in CS this fall. So any information regarding the school, area, social life, food, housing etc is welcome. I'd specially love to know about the housing (off campus primarily) in the area. Thanks.
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