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  1. Anyone know of any online groups for Laurier MSW Distance? (Fall 2019)
  2. I am wondering if it depends on the province. We had a MSW student at our clinic (in NS) who was working as a BSW prior in New Brunswick. She told us it is not uncommon for BSW's to do clinical therapy (mostly CBT and SRP) in community mental health clinics. It may be because the need is so high with all the rural areas with limited resources in the maritimes.
  3. I think it is important if that is your goal in the end! Some BSW's in NS can get jobs doing Community Outreach, and subsequently they need to do a lot of self-directed learning on clinical therapeutic strategies. I am biased though because my background is in nursing and my primary role is doing clinical therapy.
  4. Friends and colleagues have told me that Dal is not a very clinical school for both BSW and MSW. I think it totally makes sense to do a distance bsw esp if you are working and then only have to do a 1 year msw! I would do a pros and cons list
  5. I have been a therapist for 5 years (mental health nurse is my background) I was accepted into the distance part-time MSW program at Laurier. My motivation to do this was so I could work privately and not have to worry about losing clients due to lack of insurance coverage. Good luck!
  6. I just received an e-mail acceptance to Laurier MSW part-time distance for Sept 2019! I wish everyone the best in their endeavors!
  7. LORIS is where you can check if the page looks the same as when you uploaded all the stuff, my understanding is that a decision hasn't been made yet. Good luck!
  8. Hi folks! Congrats to those who have heard from Laurier! And to everyone else who has been accepted to other universities. Has anyone heard from Laurier for the 2.5 year online part-time program Sept 2019 yet? I have butterflies!
  9. thank you that is valuable information!
  10. Come onnnnn Laurier! Come onnnnnn Laurier! 😤
  11. that is consistent with what I've heard
  12. I get it! It can cause a sense of anxiety to read everyone's posts and there are certainly urges of self-comparison. At least that's what I do, haha! I find it helpful and interesting for me though, I enjoy to connect with folks who have similar goals as I. Seems like you're having a reaction to this, and it's ok! Let your experience be your guide, if this forum is unhelpful, no need to look. However, perhaps you could be curious about the experience well and see if there is anything else you are reacting to underneath the surface. All the best I hope you get in!
  13. Full disclosure: Have never attended Dal. I work with ++ social workers who enjoyed Waterloo and bash Dal, especially the undergrad program. I know about 5 who have completed DAL MSW and they said it did not blow them away and at the same time got them the piece of paper they needed. Part of the reason why I didn't apply there.
  14. wow that is not much time, when did you hear back from Dal (I didn't apply there, just curious)?
  15. September 2019! My anxiety has decreased
  16. No, there was a bit of time crunch to get this in. I had kind of given up on SW for a while because Dalhousie is the closest program to me, and they would not accept at Bachelor of Science in Nursing but then I found that Laurier would! So I had a month to get everything together.
  17. Yay! That's awesome! I started reading this thread backwards and I am now on page 12, I am noticing I am having a little bit of a reaction to some people being accepted already to Laurier #catastrophizing
  18. Hi everyone! I am new here, and I applied to the Laurier MSW part-time distance program. Anyone else doing the same??
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