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  1. I received an email a few weeks ago stating that enrollment will be from 15th of July.
  2. I will bring it before the semester begins. Good luck on your visa application!
  3. I guess that's enough to apply for study permit. I haven't done anything except accepting the offer since I haven't received any email regarding the next step yet! I searched through the internet and found that last year McMaster's registration was in mid-July. Not sure about this year and our program!
  4. Hi Stephen, I attached the screenshot of my student center status. I received only one conditional offer approximately 2 months ago (they need my official transcripts to make it unconditional), what do you mean by letter of acceptance?
  5. It's not related to the course, but don't worry they will send it soon.
  6. They didn't mentioned whether we should pay for one semester or the entire year. I'll copy some parts of the offer: This offer is conditional upon the receipt of an official transcript confirming that your previous degree has been conferred . Upon your arrival at the University, you will be required to submit official transcripts and official translations for all institutions you have previously attended. Your condition must be cleared by submitting the required official documents to your department by September 30th, 2019. Failing to meet these conditions, this offer will be rescinded. Currently the 2018/19 academic year McMaster University Regular Graduate Student Tuition Fees for Visa students for one year (September to August) are $17,096.22 plus supplemental fees of $997.06. Fees for the 2019/20 academic year have yet to be determined and are subject to change.
  7. Yes I received it yesterday (2 weeks after the email)
  8. I'm an international applicant and I chose the course based option. Don't worry, they are still sending recommendations and also interviews.
  9. Me too! My interview was on February 23rd and I received the email on Monday.
  10. Has anyone heard about the decisions? Last year some students received the email within a few days after their interview.
  11. Hi, mine had 6 questions and each had only one component. 4 were general questions and 2 were somehow related to ehealth. Good luck!
  12. I had just a few hours to prepare!! The interview was behavioral based as they said and took less than 30 minutes.
  13. Hello guys, I received the invitation for an interview yesterday. I hope it goes well for all of us.

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