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  1. Hi! I recommend emailing some of the students on this list: https://maph.uchicago.edu/apply/email-current-student. They're all great and will give you honest answers for your specific areas. As for me personally, the program itself is great. Keep in mind that this is a personal decision that must be made. It won't be great for every field or every individual. I love it here for the quality of instructors I get to work with and the sense of community, which is something I think you should never sacrifice to go to a "better" program. If your daily life is an emotional hell, your program is not better. And cost. It's been described above as a cash grab, and that is probably its intended purpose from the eyes of university admin and some founders, but so is any graduate program that doesn't fund its students. And while it is possibly meant to make money, the MAPH admin care, faculty cares, your fellow students care. And they can be somewhat generous with funding. Two Year Language Option pays for 90% of tuition the second year and gives you $5,000 in summer funding. Between these and my initial scholarship, I probably pay 25%-30% of the overall cost. So, these are all really questions that have to be answered personally, but: incredible faculty, great student body, appealing course selection with interdisciplinary options, and expensive as hell but you might not have to pay full price. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss more!
  2. Hi! I generally agree with PolPhil's response, but I think 3 and 4 are more dependent on what overlapping department you are in. Some of the departments have a lot of conferences and workshops for you to present your work at. And what field you're in determines what PhD prep looks like. If you're in creative writing, MAPH will probably help with a portfolio. If you're in classics, MAPH expands the list of ancient authors under your belt, and the Two Year Language Option further increases that and additionally allows for more room to learn the modern languages you need for research purposes. As for my feelings about it, I love it. The reason I chose though, is the the sense of community I got during Campus Days, which, as you said, will not happen for you. I feel like I belong. I love my friends and my instructors, and I think those feelings make or break any program. Part of why I was discouraged from applying to Harvard. I am very happy with my choice, and you can feel free to contact me directly about it if you'd like! I'm a current student for classics and first year of the TLO.
  3. Hi! I'm a current MAPH student and had a similar choice to yours about a year ago. I applied for classics and had the choice of Texas Tech, KU, and UChicago. We obviously see which I chose. Your question naturally has a lot of components, and I don't think any of them have a straightforward answer, but I'll try! Length: I think a nine month MA is neither inherently an advantage or a disadvantage. On the one hand, you will be done faster and have that degree ready for whatever job/doctoral program you apply to in the future. On the other hand, a second year may benefit you in some way, perhaps having a more flushed out portfolio. Cost: Tech is by far the cheaper option. The real reason I chose UChicago, or rather the reason I was able to, was the size of my scholarship and the fact that there is a Two Year Language option. The TLO offers $5,000 in summer funding and pays for 90% of tuition the second year. Differences: I cannot speak to differences concerning how heavily an institution or program is considered since I'm not the one reading the application, but I think the general consensus is that the name has a huge impact. But I also encourage you to think about what is beneficial for you as a person, not a future applicant. What are your future plans? MAPH definitely has it's focus on the thesis, while Tech's MA has a teaching component. Would you rather go to your next stage in life saying you now have this piece of writing you spent months on, or saying that you have teaching experience? My Choice: The reason I chose is because of the incredible sense of community I saw during campus days, which you sadly won't get to experience. I am incredibly happy with my decision and love it here. But it is expensive. Is it worth the cost? If you're paying full-ticket price, probably not. But between TLO funding and my scholarship, I'm only paying 30% of that price. If you are interested in learning a language, I think doing the TLO would for sure make it worth it, but you would have to place into at least intermediate level of that language, which I didn't know about until I got here. But yes, I am very happy with where I am right now. If you come here, you'll see me and maybe my best friend, who also applied in creative writing. Feel free to contact me for whatever else you would like to know! You can also email a current student here: https://maph.uchicago.edu/apply/email-current-student and the representative for creative writing is of course the only one I don't know on this page. But they'd be happy to answer questions! As well as the MAPH mentors and staff. I'd love to be notified of your decision! Best of luck!
  4. Hey guys, I thought it would be cool to start a thread for those of us seriously considering UChicago's MAPH as an option for 2019 to get to know each other and help each other out. To start, I'm finishing a degree in classics and history at the University of Texas at Austin. I currently plan on going on to a PhD in classics. I have applied for, but not yet heard back on, the Two-Year Language Option, and I would be using that to both further my abilities in Latin and Greek as well as learn a modern language for research purposes. I registered late for the Campus Days, so I'll be staying at the Hyatt by the Midway Airport in case anyone is interested in hanging out aside from a campus visit or carpool or something.
  5. Long time lurker, first time poster. Congratulations to all the people who have already been accepted to a program they wanted! At this point, I think I'm really just here to ask if anyone's in the same boat as I am. I've heard first round decisions from all my schools, and I'm waiting to get off the waitlist for two (Texas Tech and University of Kansas) or be accepted to UChicago's MAPH. I wasn't the strongest candidate with regards to GPA, so it's not a shock, but it's still stressful. Anyone else just sitting there with a few maybes?
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