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  1. Thanks for your response! Yeah, I’m really worried about getting in anywhere. I’m an okay student at a tough liberal arts school, but I also know my prof mentioned above is older and got their PhD right out of undergrad at an Ivy League, then got a tenure track job pretty much while they were writing their dissertation. I want to be in academia, and of course get a tenure track job, but for now I’m also thinking about where the research that excites me most is going on, and that’s Rutgers.
  2. hi there, i’m a long-time lurker and I’m trying to figure out which schools are on my list. Rutgers is one of my top choices but I recently got an ‘aim higher’ lecture from a current prof and I’m feeling a bit confused. I know it’s well regarded, so why in the world do I need to aim higher? I’m probably not getting into an Ivy League (like most people) so I don’t want to chance a shutout by not applying to other good schools. So, does anyone know whether Rutgers’ reputation has changed recently (I.e. gotten better or worse)? Just trying to figure out why this prof would feel this way. And congrats to all of the Rutgers admits out there— it’s my dream school and for what it’s worth I’d be ecstatic to go there!
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