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  1. Thanks for the reply! I think Stanford it is 2-year program (at least they said that). I have 2 years of experience in statistical analysis in brain networks and has published some ordinary papers over the topic. I definitely have some experience but my concern is if Stanford professors will be willing to offer opportunities or not LOL
  2. Thanks, hnn12, that information is very helpful to me! I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that I was going to study machine learning & its applications. I might do a Biostat Ph.D. after my MS, where I was hoping to go to Stanford Or Johns Hopkins... But Thanks man!
  3. Hi everyone!! Recently I have been admitted to the Stat MS program at Stanford & U Chicago and am struggling. I will try to advance to PhD after MS, but I don't know which school will offer me a better chance? I heard that Chicago has a good PhD prep and many research opportunities. I am not sure how Stanford is. But Stanford Stat ranks higher than U Chicago... Chicago Pros: - Tuition reduction (25%) - Good preparation for PhD - More research opportunity Cons: - Not as well-known as Stanford - Location is not as good.
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