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  1. I have got admitted to this two programs and right now I'm not entirely sure which one should I go for. My interest lies in between Computer Graphics (3D Rendering) and Applied Machine Learning, and my goal is to develop VR/AR related software/framework in the industry after graduation. 1. I know Stanford is perhaps hands down among the best about CS, but I guess that's more about its PhD program instead of masters? Master students only need to take courses at Stanford MS program but need to complete a thesis at Harvard M.E. program, so does it mean Harvard provide better hands-on experience about this? 2. It looks like Harvard got better ongoing computer graphics projects going on (took a look at the Stanford "Graphics Lab" and Harvard "Visual Computing Group")? 3. How is the reputation of this "Computational Science and Engineering" of Harvard in industry? It sounds very like Computer Science but would this major title hurt if I will be looking for computer science related jobs in the future? If anyone could talk a little bit about engineering Master students' life at Harvard or Stanford, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, and any comments are welcome.

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