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  1. I taught at a difficult school before and I totally understand how you feel. I was exhausted at the end of each day for about three years. So, I agree with t_ruth that an Ed.D sounds like a better choice for you because a lot of Ph.D requires you go to school Full-time, and do TA or RA jobs. Also, is there a specific reason that you want to stay at a difficult school? If you want, I think with your education and experiences, you should be able to find something in the university when you do your Ed.D. It will be more manageable. Anyway, talk to the Ed.D program and ask for more details (class schedules, requirements, time to reach candidacy, on-campus job opportunities). Take good care!
  2. Hi Congrats again! You'd better ask the prof. for clarification, as each program varies. Best of luck!
  3. Yeah, I think so. It most likely means he wants to hire you for RA. Congrats! May I ask which program if you don't mind sharing?
  4. Same here! I'm invited to an admitted student event next week. Hope to leave some good impressions there. Good luck to you! I know it's getting towards the application season, but never lose hope!
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I did send an email, but last week was their spring break, and I'm kind of waiting for a response this week. PHD with no funding. couldn't imagine that. I think I saw your post before. Have you decided on which school you are going to attend?
  6. Anyone got admission and funding from UNC Chapel Hill??? I got admission on Feb 27th and have not heard anything about financial support despite a few emails sent. I'm getting extremely anxious.
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