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  1. Does anyone know how hard it is to get in here? If i have 3.5 gpa overall with math major would that be sufficient enough to get into the masters online statistics program. Also if anyone knows any other information about it let me know. I plan to work some analyst job and then do the ms online.
  2. thanks @bayessays do you have any other suggestions for me? What should I do over the summer? I am going to really nail hard the math 109 class to learn proofs Then the math 20E class I basically have already taken, it is just on some stuff in the later chapters of calculus 3. Do you by a chance recommend any texts or readings?
  3. Hi guys, so kind of nervous. Basically I am a transfer student from community college. Took all lower division math and physics and some comp sci - 4.0 gpa. I am taking Math 109 (proofs class) and Math 20E ( Vector Calculus) at UC San Diego. I will be a junior to start. Basically, I want to take Math 140ABC ( Real analysis series) junior year. But all the math students UCSD are telling me it is the hardest and sweatiest class for Undergraduate math at UCSD. And I looked at the grade distribution, and enrollment 40 students. 12 students fail, and only 8 students get A. I obviously want to keep high GPA to impress admission committee, but if I don't take real analysis this year for junior year they might think I am a chicken for not taking real analysis this year. But at the same time, I do not want to have low GPA. By the way is it normal to have Rudin as first text in analysis? UCLA and Berkeley use Ross for their analysis classes (undergrad). Also the professor for real analysis would be: Tarek Elginid, and he apparently wrote his own book in real analysis for the graduate course in real analysis. Junior year with Real Analysis: Fall quarter: Math 102 (Linear algebra upper division) Math 140A (Real Analysis) Math 180A (Probability Theory) Winter quarter: Math 140B (Real Analysis) Math 180B (Stochastic Process) Math 181A (Mathematical Statistics) Spring quarter: Math 140C (Real Analysis) Math 180C (Stochastic Process) Math 181B (Mathematical Statistics) Without Real Analysis: Fall: Math 102 (Linear Algebra) Math 180A (probability theory) Math 120A (Complex Analysis) Winter: Math 180B (Stochastic Process) Math 120B (Complex Analysis) Math 181A (Mathematical Statistics) Math 184 (Combinatorics) Spring: Math 180C (Stochastic Process) Math 181B (Mathematical Statistics) Math 185 (Computational Statistics) Math Elective What you guys think? I am aiming for 2-3 schools in top 15-20, and then some mid-tier PhD programs?
  4. Can I ask why you put your ethnicity? Do PhD admission really look at this? I assumed it was the case only for undergraduate schools.
  5. Great, thank you all. I will try very hard in my classes at UCR. I will be in touch in a year or so once I become a senior.
  6. Hi all :). Hope you're having a good week. I am a soon to be junior starting this summer at University of California Riverside (I am a community college transfer). Classes taken at community college: General Ed, Calculus Series, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Physics 1 and 2 (calculus based), C++1 and C++2 -- 4.0 GPA for all classes. EC's: None. Projects: None. I have sat for Actuary Exam Probability (almost passed it). I am a math major at University of California Riverside. Classes I will take: 1) Math 151 ABC (Advanced Calculus Series) 2) Math146 ABC (Partial Differential Equations Series) 3) Math 168 (Introduction to Mathematical Modeling) 4) Math 144 (Set Theory) 5) Math 145 (Topology) 6) Math 131 (Linear Algebra) 7) Math 135AB (Numerical Analysis Series) 😎 Math Electives: Math 120 (Optimization), Math 121 (Game Theory), Math 126 ( Combinatorics) On top of that for statistics PhD, I will take: 1) Stats 160 ABC (Elements of Probability and Statistical Theory Series). 2) Stat 170A (Regression Analysis) * As a side note, senior year, I have an option to take graduate level series: Math 209 ABC (Real Analysis Series) as long as if I do good in the Math 151 ABC (Advanced Calculus Series); Is this definitely recommended for all programs? I am quite timid from Real Analysis as I saw a qualifying exam study guide for it and it looks pretty scary. What GPA will I need to keep at university to be considered a competitive applicant for public universities like Arizona State, Arizona, University of California Schools, Florida State, etc.? Next year I plan to do a math/stats REU, but what else can I do to bolster my resume/CV? Are the classes I listed above, excluding Real Analysis Series, sufficient for statistics PhD programs? Will PhD programs judge me differently because I took lower division coursework at community college? Since University of California Riverside is low ranking school, will committee for PhD judge me differently compared to higher ranked schools? Should I take GRE and Math GRE? Or only GRE? When should I start studying for GRE/Math GRE? Any other general advice for me would be appreciated. Thank you.
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