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  1. I saw from last year's forum page that alternates heard of whether they were selected by May 5. Last year's date also might be a little early compared to this year.
  2. Hi guys! I saw a bunch of people post on this forum for a scholarship application I applied to a while back. I have been having some reservations about the current Grad Program I am in and I was wondering what other people thought of the situation and if anyone had any advice? Anyway I am currently pursuing an MA in Political science. The program functions very similarly to an MPP and while we are not awarded with an MPP we are required to study abroad and have the option obtain a second MA or MSc at a foreign university in Europe. My research interests are international relations and security
  3. ~Got offered an alternate spot for AFLI Mozambique ~ Not sure what the odds are of getting selected as an alternate are but congrats to everyone that received it
  4. Have any other AFLI applicants heard about decisions? Just curious because I applied to Mozambique
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has heard back about the budget email? I'm an AFLI applicant for Mozambique so I was wondering if Boren or AFLI would send a budget email? Also I was wondering if AFLI applicants generally have to wait longer than regular applicants? The whole process seems confusing
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