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  1. Agreed lol. The odd thing is, mine just states “No Decision Yet”. My friends has “No Decision Yet - Under Consideration” I wonder if there’s a difference. I am scared haha.
  2. I called York about two days ago and they said offers will be sent out between 7-10 days from then. Hope this helps!
  3. I have just called York's Social Work Department regarding 2 Year MSW Program, and the gentleman on the phone told me that offers will be going out within the next 7-10 days. Goodluck everybody!
  4. I did not get accepted. But am still hopeful for York University. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted so far to U of T! Does anyone know when York will send out theirs?
  5. Has anyone heard from York yet regarding 2 year MSW?
  6. Same boat as you as well. No updates, nothing has changed. I am worried.
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