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  1. Is NSERC paid directly or via the school payroll?
  2. Can a PGS-3 holder apply again the following year to compete for CGSD-2?
  3. And Academic Excellence check page 13 ... it is under Academic Excellence " Work experience In some instances, an applicant may return to an institution for graduate studies after obtaining work experience. Members should place an increased emphasis on relevant work experience and a decreased emphasis on academic record in these situations. The number of years of work experience should be factored into the evaluation of academic excellence."
  4. I am ranked 31 in Electrical Engineering... not because I didn't personally get it but I believe the evaluators dont follow the guidelines... I have a full Masters (Canadian) GPA (Straight A+'s) and 8 years of experience in Canada... 2 IEEE Papers plus a conference and a book chapter. One of my papers have very high citations. I got 12/30 in Academic Excellence I dont know how this is justified... If you check the guidelines work experience counts towards Academic Excellence. So how 8 years of experience with Full GPA is 12/30?
  5. A friendly advice to all the folks here ... try to avoid applying independently... the chances are extremely slim ... just look at previous years results... I did it myself few years ago and I also didn't get it ... then a I had a second look and discovered this wasn't a good idea based on the successful independent numbers ... this is just ny opinion I could be wrong.
  6. Got an email from school finally ... I am on the waitlist.
  7. Any one received approval by mail or all rejections?
  8. I am in Electrical too ... nothing from NSERC or school... should I assume rejection.. have any Electrical Students got an email?
  9. So not hearing on Friday means rejection or waitlisted?
  10. Few people mentioning about rejections or waitlist ... I found like 2 or 3 only.
  11. I am starting to be pessimistic. All the people that heard back today are either rejections or waitlisted. There are few tweets from people if you search Twitter.
  12. Is it possible that acceptence by email... rejection by mail? This will be depressing .. I hope this is not the case.
  13. Which Admin through school?
  14. Which department/committee if you dont mind telling us?
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