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  1. Hello, for those of you who are in the 2-year program at Laurier, when is course selection?
  2. Hey, for anyone that was accepted to the 2year on-campus Laurier program, are there Laurier campuses residences near the social work building? trying to figure out the whole moving out situation lol...
  3. Hey for those of you who have accepted the 2 year Laurier offer, is there any minimum tuition deposit we need to pay? I don’t seem to have any information on that.. thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, for those of you who have accepted your offer from Laurier.. is there a tuition deposit we need to pay? I can't seem to find any info on that...
  5. Hey! The on-campus program takes about 70 students from what I have read in previous threads. Students have until april 21 to accept the offer so the waitllist may move up soon! Hang in there
  6. Thank you for taking the time to answer this question, I really appreciate it I am so conflicted about moving out vs. driving down to Kitchener haha. Your reply was very helpful!!! I also just wanted to know what course load looks like for the first semester. How long are those days from tuesday- thursday? (Like a 9-5?) Many thanks Nicole!
  7. Oh man! This is so intense lol now I'm lowkey freaked out about the differences hahaha. Prayers for us alllll who are in this boat! xo Does York waitlist for the 2-year program?
  8. I'm wondering the same thing for the 2-year program! It still says "under consideration" I'd rather they stated "rejected" just so I have an answer haha
  9. Hey don’t lose hope just yet! There are 21 days from offer of admission to accept the offer of admission! I’m sure the waitlist will start moving after April 21
  10. Hi all, For anyone that has been accepted to the 2 year on campus program at Laurier, do you know what the rough schedule would be like? Would we have class everyday? I am trying to plan out my finances and was considering driving there from Toronto depending on how many times a week I would be on campus...any input would be helpful
  11. Thank you for the reassurance! How are you finding the program so far?
  12. Thank you for the reassurance! How are you finding the program so far?
  13. I know right?! I applied to the online program as well.. From my understanding, based on last year's thread, it was the wait for acceptance into the program! :(
  14. I’m not entirely sure but from last year’s MSW thread some folks found out as late as July/ August ..
  15. Thanks so much for the info Jessica I’m just wondering where you read that we can still apply for OGS? :0 @feministdreams take a look at this link for more funding info
  16. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I didn’t apply to OGS either 😭 ! When I click the student aid/funding tab I don’t see anything maybe funding is limited and not for everyone?
  17. Hey I’m wondering the same about Laurier.. did you happen to apply to OGS?
  18. Thank you I got an email on Friday and it changed on my LORIS as well!
  19. I also have a quick question.. if I accept the 2 year on campus Laurier offer.. would i no long be considered for the 2 year- online MSW @ Laurier ? And does anyone know the tuition difference between the two programs..? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi all, long time lurker! I have been accepted to the 2 year on campus program at Laurier! I was rejected from U of T and lost hope.. and received an acceptance email from Laurier, which was my first choice initially!! Still waiting on York however, and the online Laurier MSW... but the reality of leaving my full time job and returning to school is slowly hitting me. 😅 Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear back and congrats to anyone that already has! Don’t give up hope just yet! I didn’t think I’d get accepted after that constant refreshing of ACORN to only be rejected from U of T. Sending positive vibes to you all xo
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