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  1. I heard today that I am off the wait list and awarded PGS-D2. I don’t recall my ranking now but I posted it earlier in this thread. I was committee 177.
  2. As I recall in past years for my committee it has been around 45%, yes.
  3. Sorry, meant 177, mathematical sciences
  4. Committee 117 here. 51/110, which doesn’t look so good as they have never given out more than 47. I don’t know how valuable it is to calculate percentages if they only have funding for a fixed number of applications except to fantasize about what it would have been like in a year with fewer applicants.
  5. I think our ranking in the waitlist will be mailed to us sometime iver the next two or three weeks. The letters going out now seem to only say that we are waitlisted. Inthibk it must be only within committees because there’s nothing in nserc’s description of the competition that involves comparisons betweeen committees.
  6. Found out I am waitlisted by asking my department. Now just to wait for rankings.
  7. People at UofT have received decisions from NSERC, but unlike some other universities the SGS people aren’t saying anything about wait lists or rejections. Anyone at UofT who hasn’t gotten an offer email from NSERC is just waiting (like me) for the letter in post. Based on the number of successful applicants I know about in my department already I’m not at all hopeful there’s room for one more.
  8. I just received my blue text email. Hopefully the letter gets to me soon; it shouldn’t take long from Ottawa to Toronto.
  9. At least two people in my department have received acceptances. I haven’t been expecting good news since Friday, but I think it’s looking quite bad now. It is disrespectful that they don’t bother sending notifications to everyone, though, if this is on purpose. There just aren’t that many applicants.
  10. Apparently some people at UofT have had acceptances reach them. There is a thread in /r/gradschool but it’s very small.
  11. I’m at UofT. I haven’t heard anything from NSERC and my department secretary emailed today asking me if I had heard anything. SGS graduate awards officer didn’t know anything, said it appears to them NSERC is still in the process of sending out results.
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