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  1. Oh wow, you're definitely right... Thank you! I'm glad I didn't have much invested into the process yet, but definitely bummed I can't even imagine what it was like for those who had already been working on their applications, that must have been horrible!
  2. Thank you for your response, just talking to other people about the GRFP helps! I really think that I can present a strong case for those categories, so I think I'm going to submit an application! The worst they can say is no, and I would rather know that I tried, than not try at all. You're absolutely right! I actually fall into the latter category, thank goodness
  3. Hi all, GRFP prospective applicant here. Before I invest all of this time and effort into the application materials, I wanted to get the opinion of gradcafe. I'm currently in a PhD program, and everything about me as an applicant is great. Except my undergraduate gpa, which was an abysmal 2.8 because I came from an emotionally and physically abusive household where I wasn't allowed to socialize. Just study. So, when I got to school, I was so excited to forge relationships and have friends that I threw my courses to the wayside. I was pre-med, and hated it, but was threatened with being pulled out of school if I didn't take that route. long story short, I secretly switched my major my junior year and didn't do internships or join a lab like I should have (first gen college student with absolutely no guidance). But, I managed to get into a master's program fully funded and finished with a 3.78. Am I basically going to be tossed aside for my undergrad GPA? Or will they weigh my graduate GPA over undergraduate? Are there any of you who have been successful, or know someone who has been successful in getting the GRFP with a subpar undergraduate GPA? I would love to hear your story! Frankly, I'm tired of feeling like this is going to be a hindrance, despite the fact that I have come so far since then. I don't know if this matters, but the undergrad gpa was at UMich.
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