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  1. grob33

    2019-2020 Boren Applicants

    I was just told decisions are being released on Monday. The man did not sound happy, so a lot of people must be calling.
  2. grob33

    2019-2020 Boren Applicants

    @kankoushitai They applied for the scholarship!
  3. grob33

    2019-2020 Boren Applicants

    I know that last year not everyone received the budget email because my friend never received one and was rejected. Not sure about this year though.
  4. grob33

    2019-2020 Boren Applicants

    So, I spoke to a Boren representative today b/c I'm also applying to grad school and the deadline for that is coming up. The representative said that we should be notified sometime this week or next Monday at the absolute latest. Also, has anyone received a second budget update email for the Fellowship?

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