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  1. Extremely surprised that I could be admitted to the three programs, ETHz RSC, UCLA EE and CMU ECE. However, as the deadlines of them approached, I got indecisive in front of them. Therefore, I really need your kind advice for me about them. I have taken some factors into consideration. A. ETHz Robotics, System& Control pros: a) The program covers all-round courses ranging from EE, ME to CS, which seems to be a great chance to get cross-disciplinary areas. b) Professors and Students there are also excellent and helpful. c) The length of programs can be extended to 3 years which provides enough time for understanding knowledge and participating in research projects. cons: a) ETHz is not located in America which indicates the academic seperation between Europe and America. b) The courses there are pretty hard and focus on the theory. Therefore, it is hard to balance between the study and the research. c) If no desire for further study, there seems to be less possible for students find a job. Also, the intern chance does not seem to be enough. Other questions: a) Is there very rich positions for master students to get into the labs? Difficult to get in or not? b) Any chance to apply to one better American labs or university in the stage of phD? Any examples before? B. UCLA EE pros: a) The location is pretty well for career development. b) Tuition is relatively friendly compared with other great American Universities. c) There are many honored people whom I can learn from. Other questions a) Also is there any chance for researches about Robotic for a beginner ? b) Any block of switching the track during the program like the courses limitation? C. CMU ECE pros: a) Relative freedom of course selection. b) Great rank in CS and ECE and the number of professors in ECE department is large. c) Perfect location and the reputation for job hunting. d) One chance after the first year of master program with which you can apply for phD degree. cons: a) Tuition and living cost is so high. b) Competition there is fierce and workload is large. Other Questions: a) Also is there any chance for researches about Robotic for a beginner ? Any conditional requirement? b) How big the chance of pros d) is? Based on other's experience, American Universities tend to pay attention to the practice while ETHz highlights the theoretical parts. Therefore, in ETHz it is hard to prepare some articles for phD applications. Also, in America, it is easier to find the internship during the vacation while in Europe, I think the opportunities are smaller. I do not want to fully study the CS. I think the combination of software and hardware is what my ideal study area. For example, Robotic is one of my beloved areaS although I only get this track in ETHz. I want to reserve the option of phD applications while I am not quite sure whether I suit phD study. Information concerning ETHz and other universities seems to be less or one-sided. So I ask for your help. Best wishes for your advice.

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