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  1. Thank you so much for your reply, reneefan! I really appreciate it If you don't mind me asking, which school will you be attending in Canada for the coming Fall?
  2. I'm really in need of advice and inputs, please! I'll be very grateful for any insight into the issue above. Please help me! On a related note, does anyone know about the work placement prospects after the Econ MA at UVic, please? I won't be going for a PhD, and want to work after the MA. How does UVic compare with SFU for the co-op option and work placements? Please help a fellow student out, if anyone knows anything regarding this. Any insight into this is deeply appreciated! Thank you very much.
  3. Someone help me out, please?? I'm truly in need of advice and inputs...thanks a ton!
  4. Hello everyone! I'd like to request for advice on deciding between Canadian Econ MA programs, please. I'd be really grateful for any and all inputs that I can possibly get in this regard. Please help me with the following di(tri)lemma, as this is really getting to be a very difficult decision, especially with the lack of credible first-hand information. I'm deciding between SFU, UVic & Waterloo. Leaning towards SFU as I heard the profs are good in the dept. there. But I'm hardly finding any information on the work placement statistics of their MA grads (compared to the other 2 places where I seem to find a lot of information). Nothing is put up on the SFU website regarding where their students have taken up jobs (I intend to work after the MA). And I also heard that the west coast has a very bad job market (is this true?). I emailed the dept. to ask for info on job placements and they have not given me any information except for randomly copy pasting a link to their econ dept. website homepage. The career advisor of the dept. has not even replied to repeated emails where I've asked about this. Is this a red flag? Is the SFU program only good for doing a PhD after the MA? Due to financial constraints, I need to start working early. So as much as I love Econ, a PhD will not be feasible in my circumstances. So I really need the work experience (ideally a co-op) for getting into a full-time position after the MA. Given this, how good is the co-op option for MA econ in SFU Vs that in UVic? Which program will be better in terms of job prospects after the MA? I really request if someone who's familiar with the job market outcomes of these universities could please help me out? Any reports from friends, second-hand information from any source relating to the above issues, or experience in the job search, will all be really helpful for me. Your inputs and advice are very much needed. I'll be really grateful for any help at this point, where I have to make significant investments and that's freaking me out! Thank you very much!
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