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  1. I am applying for master's in biostats for fall 2020, switching from my current area (pharmaceutics). Any feedback is hugely appreciated! Undergraduate: Canadian university Major: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Minor: Statistics GPA: 3.93 Type of Student: International Relevant Courses: Calculus (98, 97, 91), Linear Algebra I (90) Intro to Stats Practice (86) Intro to Computer Programming - python (91) The rest are all bio/chem/pharmaceutics related courses. I'm currently taking probability and will finish another ~4 stats courses by graduation. GRE General Test: Q: 170 V: 168 W: 4.5 Research Experience: all life science related 1 summer in a molecular genetics lab 1 year research assistant in a lab at MIT on drug delivery thesis project on synthetic biology Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list all semesters Letters of Recommendation: 1 from PI at MIT, 1 from PI of the thesis project, 1 from a stats prof (not sure which one to ask yet, because other than taking the courses themselves I don't have much interaction with them) Programming: Experience with R, Python, C++ Applying to: UNC Emory Minnesota Michigan Boston Yale Penn Comments/Questions: I am taking probability (which is required) and other stats courses currently, so my concern is that when I send out my applications I won't have any grades to report. Is it going to be a problem for admission decisions? Also, since I am switching from pharmaceutics to biostats, I'm worried about my background not being math/stats.
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