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  1. 1: CEO/President of a Non-profit (one I believe in or my own) - Would need more administrator and coordinating experience. Even policy, finance, or law experience. Maybe an MBA. More leadership roles, manager and supervisor positions. 2: Animator or Comic Book Artist - Always been a pipe dream. I'd have to switch careers or do it on the side as a hobby and take art classes more or less for fun. 3: Homesteader - Need to save money, own land, and keep learning either on the job or through reading/classes/volunteer. 4: Author - Need more patience and to budget time, but could start now. More writing classes wouldn't hurt.
  2. Just as the title says. I graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Science with a focus in ecosystems (fancy way of saying I took many bio courses) in 2015. I had no solid plans to go back for a Master's, but after 4 years of seasonal botany and natural resources jobs I realize I do want to get my Master's in Botany, soil science, or horticulture. I never did research in undergrad. I'm going to take some community college courses this fall to fill in some gaps and get myself into a lab. That being said, do I have a chance of being accepted into a program if my only letters of recommendation or my research is from a community college or seasonal job? What are other things I can do to up my chances and prepare me?
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