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  1. Anyone applying to terminal masters programs in sociology? Anyone know of any programs particularly keen on qualitative research? My focus -- at least what I devoted my undergrad years to and really enjoy/feel passionate about -- is gender, the body, and food. Lastly, do funded terminal MA programs in sociology even exist? Besides MAPSS, which is partially funded. I have posted similar thread before. Just want to see if anyone else has insights to offer 🙂 Thank you!
  2. jazzyyy

    Soc MA programs

    OH! I have another question. I'm not sure if I should start a separate thread for the following but here it goes. My professor (she is Canadian and got her PhD in sociology from University of Toronto and is now working in the States) advised against going to school in Canada. She said it will be difficult finding a job as a professor in the States (which is where I'm from) and that people will wonder why the heck I went to Canada. Thoughts?
  3. jazzyyy

    Soc MA programs

    Thank you @lkaitlyn! I have heard good things about UChicago MAPSS. And I will take a look at Wisconsin.
  4. Hello. I am graduating this year with a BA in sociology. Woo. My main interests are semiotics of food and gender/sexuality. I am certainly a qualitative kinda galllll. I am looking to apply to PhD programs this fall, but I would also like to apply to some MA programs because I am really worried/scared/insecure that I will not get into any decent PhD programs. I know people have a lot of negative things to say about terminal MA programs (e.g. waste of money, waste of time, etc.), but I feel like I would greatly benefit from refining my research interests and skills before entering a PhD program. Anyway, I am just wondering if ya'll have some advice. Any MA or PhD program recommendations given the very vague and broad interests I mentioned above? I have heard that most sociology MA programs are geared toward quantitative research. Is that true? Maybe I should apply to MA programs outside of sociology? And to what extent does having an MA boost your chances of getting into a PhD program? I have been told that getting an MA in and of itself is essentially worthless and that going into an MA program is only useful if you publish something or do something spectacular during your time there. Any info is useful info! Thanks 😄
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