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  1. Undergrad Institution: University of Florida, Gainesville Major(s): Microbiology and Cell ScienceMinor(s):GPA in Major: 3.7Overall GPA: 3.1Position in Class: no ideaType of Student: Domestic hispanic femaleGRE Scores (revised):Q: 154V: 151W: 3.5 Taken in 2015. Plan to retakeResearch Experience: 1 year research experience as a Lab Tech at an Entomology lab researching siRNA gene silencing in western corn rootworm. Performed qPCR, PCR, sorting of insects, extraction of DNA, extraction of RNA, care of insects. No posters nor publications 2 years of experience as a lab manager f
  2. Hi! Thank you for starting this thread. I have quite a couple of questions about PhD programs. 1) How are the programs structured? Are you assigned to a random lab in the department and then do rotations? Or do you have to pick your preferred PI from the beginning? 2) When do the rotations start? 3)When do the rotations stop and you end up working in one lab until you get your PhD? 4) What if I'm assigned to a lab that is not a fit for me and want to change after rotations close?
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