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  1. Hello Gradcafe! I wanted to ask fellow grad school what they thought my chances would be at a top (1-20 ranked) political science program with my stats. I am not sure how well I will do on the GRE, but I am really passionate about the subject, and wanted to apply for a PhD this cycle. I am still figuring things out, and unsure where I stand, so any advice will help. My stats are as follows: Undergraduate institution ranking: Large public school in South, overall ranking (#185), political science (#51) Interest in: International Relations/Political Sciences/methodology Majors: Political science, sociology (international relations/human rights specialization) (no undergraduate thesis) Minor: international studies Overall GPA: 3.89 (summa cum laude) GRE: Still haven’t taken it, and going to take it in October Writing sample: still working on it LOR: Letters will be positive, since I have done research or extracurricular with these professors, but they are not extraordinarily famous. I do not think any of them are tenured. Languages: Tagalog, Italian, French. Working on Spanish and Japanese soon. Notes: multiple internships, including State Dept and interning overseas at refugee camp, received Fulbright research this year in Italy on related topic, only presented at one research conference, has been an undergrad research assistant 3 times at current university Any advice or critique is appreciated.
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