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  1. Thank you for your advice/response! So to begin, I don't really hate clinical medicine, in fact I enjoy being in the clinic. I like people. I just absolutely hate everything about medical school. The mass memorization, the obsession with tests/grades, the out of touch professors/administration, etc. It should be hard, but it all seems like it is made as miserable as possible for whatever reason (I'm an M1, maybe there is a reason?). 1) Fair consideration. I think I will either go all in on medicine or leave for research. I know there is people who manage to come out of this with research skills and clinical skills ,but I am not that smart/hyper-motivated. 2) Definitely feel that. That is honestly the main reason I'm considering leaving. If not for the debt I'd prolly just ride it out for another year or so and see if it got better. 3) Is this true for genetics/genomics PhDs? Cause if I left that is what I would want to do a PhD in.
  2. Want to study genomics/bioinformatics. Have some math/coding background, but I feel I would need to improve it over my 'gap year' and during the early part of my PhD. Undergrad Institution: Non-flagship state schoolMajor(s): BiologyMinor(s): PhilosophyGPA in Major: 3.7Overall GPA: 3.75Position in Class: Top 10%Type of Student: Domestic, white, male GRE Scores (revised): Q: 161V: 162AWA: 5Research Experience: - 2 years in an evolutionary genetics lab - 1.5 years in a molecular bio lab - 2 months in cancer research at St. Jude Pubs: 1 late author publication in name journal, 1 first author publication in undergrad journal Presentations: 1 talk at a national conference, 1 talk at an undergrad conference Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's award for most outstanding Biology major, finalist for the same award for the college of arts and sciences, obtained an undergrad research grant Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 3 years as tutor, ~6 months as a lab manager Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: N/A Special Bonus Points: - Should have two very good letter from my PI in the genetics lab and the molecular bio lab; third letter may be kind of generic though:( Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where: NC State UC Berkley Penn State MIT (long shot) Baylor Harvard (long shot) Is this list any bit reasonable? If not which schools should I add/remove? Thank you!
  3. So long story short, I am strongly considering leaving medical school following my first year. I haven't enjoyed it at all and really miss research. As such, I was wondering what my chances would be a genomics/bioinformatics (my area of undergraduate research) PhD programs? GPA: 3.77 GRE: none yet (MCAT was 94th percentile) Research: 1 late author pub in prestigious journal, 1 second author pub clinical journal, 1 talk national conference, 1 talk national undergrad conference, 2 clinical posters Awards: Dean's award (most outstanding graduating bio major), won undergrad research grant, was the school nomination for Phi Kappa Phi national award Other: tutored for 3 years Red flags: leaving medical school after a year
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