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  1. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. You've given me a lot to think about! 🙂
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply. My school is around 60 on the USNews ranking. I would preferably like to stay in biology since I have a little background in it, but I'd say I have interests in probability theory as well. I have no preference for geographic location or size 👍
  3. Hello everyone. I only recently became interested in applying to a PhD program in the fall (in either stats or biostatistics) and have no idea where to begin. I'm a bit worried that my GPA might hold me back (due to a lot of bad grades in less relevant courses), but willing to do a masters degree first if it makes up for it. Where can I apply to? any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Undergrad Institution : Big state school Major(s): Statistics GPA: 3.58 (hopefully >3.6 by the end of this semester) Minor(s): N/A Type of Student: Asian Domestic male Courses taken and taking: Calc III (A), Linear Algebra (B), Linear Algebra II (A), Advanced Calculus (B), Analysis I (A), Introductory Statistics 1/2 (A's in both), Statistical Computations (A), Advanced Programming with SAS (B), Mathematical Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics II (A), Intro to Linear Models (B), Numerical Analysis (A), a few math courses in other topics and a few introductory programming courses. Mostly A's, with a few B's. GRE General Test: Q: 166 (90%)V: 161 (89%)W: 4.5 (81%) GRE Mathematics Subject Test: N/A Programs Applying: Stats/Biostats PhD Research Experience: Did research under a mathematics professor most of undergrad in mathematical biology (presentation at a conference). Some undergraduate research with well known statistics professor. Summer research internship in biostatistics at a hospital. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Data analyst internship for one summer. Letters of Recommendation: Should be fine here hopefully. 
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