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  1. Yeah, and I've also started to say goodbyes and left my job as well! >.<
  2. You definitely can, I did. I was only awarded DAAD but there is no restriction to apply and they are separate completely. Fulbright is only for 1 year of funding though. And Fulbright cares a lot more about your language skills even if your programs in Germany are in English. The applications are also slightly different, but I used a lot of my Fulbright materials to write my DAAD application.
  3. Hey DSegundo, Yeah thanks for the info. Sadly it looks like I wont be getting into the schools I applied to. Or at the very least I was not invited to take the exam for my top choice (they only invite top applicants). I applied to 2 schools and both are very GPA heavy where they only let you interview or take an exam if you make a cutoff. I thought I would at least be close enough to get invited for the second round, which I would do much better in. The only way I can be admitted at this point is based on waiting semesters (semesters between undergrad and now, which for me is 8 ) The cutoff for my schools last year for waiting semesters was 12 so likely not going to happen. I will be reaching out to my regional office to see what they will do, but yeah there is little-no info on this scenario which makes me think this is super rare. Technically it wont be official til August so fingers crossed! If I have to apply again, I know I will be looking for schools that are not solely GPA based. It's sad that this strict cutoff system is still in place. Especially as someone who teaches at a university now, grading can be so subjective, especially the letter grades ultimately received. Especially in science classes! Both my programs are in Berlin and are in English so there is no language school for me. It's odd to receive the invites to DAAD orientation and I may not even be able to do my DAAD 😕 I won't give up though, I may apply again next year. Thanks again for the insights Tori
  4. Hi all! I’ve found this group so helpful over the course of the application so thank you for that! I am a study scholarship winner from the US for a 2 year masters program plan which starts in October. My university application deadlines all happened after the DAAD award announcements and the admission decisions are due to come out mid-August. My universities also each have some aspect of selection that comes out early July. Having not heard anything from my schools yet, I’m definitely starting to get nervous. Has anyone heard of Masters students being awarded DAAD but not acceptance into their schools? My advisors here in the US come at it from a US context and say that’s unlikely, but when I reached out to the schools themselves they said they don’t really care if you have DAAD or not, and that GPA is what matters. My GPA once converted isn’t great, but in the US context people tend to take into consideration upward trends in grades and factors such as working your way through school. Not sure if anyone would know but thanks!
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