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  1. Hi everyone! I'm a few years out of college and I'm planning to apply for graduate studies the next year. I'm concerned about my low grades in undergraduate studies (I know that international applications are very competitive), but I would like to read your comments about my profile. Originally, I was planning to apply for a PhD in Statistics, but I don't know exactly if I have to apply to a MS program first. Also, which schools should I apply for better chances? Undergraduate Institution: Top 5 Peruvian University. Major: Statistics GPA: 3.42/4.0 Type of Student: International Male Courses taken: Stat: Statistical Inference (B), Linear Models (A), Bayesian Statistics (B), Regression Analysis (A), Design of Experiments (A), Statistical Quality Control I & II (A), Multivariate Analysis I (B), Multivariate Analysis II (A), Computational Statistics (A), Time Series (C), Stochastic Processes (B) Math: Cal I & II (B), Advanced Calculus (A), Real Analysis (C), Linear Algebra I (C), Linear Algebra II (B), Differential Equations (B), Numeric Methods (A) CS: Programming I and II (B) GRE General Test: Q: 165; V: 160 W: 5 GRE Subject Math: 840 Research Experience: Research intern at a biometrics lab in Marine Investigation Institute (paper published). Actually working on senior thesis about forecasting sea temperatures (should finish on paper). One presentation at a conference about bayesian estimation in accidents insurances. Working Experience: 6 months as Teaching Assistant for Regression Analysis course. 2 years as Data Scientist for a consulting company. Awards: 2nd in class rank. Letters of Recommendation: One from thesis advisor, two from statistics professors. If I considering to apply the next year, What should I do for improving my profile? I would like to get a good school for a PhD in Statistics. Should I apply to a MS first? Thanks!
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