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  1. Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has gotten into an MSW program with a Bachelor of Commerce before? I'm finishing up my final year and am applying to the 2 year MSW program across Ontario (York, UofT, Western, Windsor, Laurier, Carleton), Calgary and Yorkville (MA in counselling)! I have a lot of different experience in the social work field but come from a business background, hoping to go to Clinical SW. I'll take all the help I can get with my application! I've listed some of my experiences below! Good luck everyone :) 


    I started my own student group at Ryerson University about the lack of diversity in the workforce and the lack of representation of successful pan-Asian leaders, Project Manager of an international Project that provides education to marginalized youth in Peru, I volunteer with my school's sexual assault survivor line, I interned for an organization called Raising the Roof, they focus on homelessness prevention, I worked as a teaching assistant for the first-year strategy for success course, mentor for 1st-year students, Outreach for a mental health awareness student group on campus, provided pro-bono consulting for non-profits through the university consulting group, volunteered with the make-a-wish foundation

    Currently I am a Peer Academic Coach on campus, Research Assistant at Raising the Roof, and volunteer at an lgbtq+ safehouse.

    I would appreciate all your insight and help! 


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