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  1. Congrats for getting on the waitlist! I wish I had the answer to your question but 20 ppl isn't much so fingers crossed for you!
  2. Has anyone heard back yet? It's two weeks since they told me within two weeks we should hear back.
  3. I have applied to the Jan 2020 Wilfrid Laurier 2 yr online MSW program. I was not aware at the time how competitive it was. I had been speaking with an advisor for over a year before applying and she made it seem like it wasn't that tough to get in :(. Unfortunately, I hear that there are terrible odds of getting in. I hadn't even completed my degree when I applied. After reading everyone else's educational/work/volunteer experience, I am sure I won't get in. Anyways, here is what I applied with: -4 yr Major in Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies -I have an 8.0 average and I'm not sure what that converts to on a 4.0 scale. I believe it is 3.7? -5000+ hours working at a detox facility in the hospital -6 months experience at a youth detention facility -Current volunteer for CAS (Family and Children services) as a special friend. -2 employment references from the detox unit -2 educational referees (Dean of Psychology Dept and Indigenous Social Work Professor) -Many of my electives were in Indigenous Social Work because I had been in the BSW program for a year before switching to psych. P.s. I cannot move (family, husband, job etc) but does anyone have any suggestions for other online programs I can do. I am interested in MSW, counselling psychology ( or something that I can register as a psychotherapist) or BSW. Also, does anyone know if a person can be accredited as a registered anything with a Psych degree. Many of the positions I want to apply for as for a designation and registration with some sort of organization (counselor, rsw etc. Thank you everyone and I wish you luck on your applications!! Let us know how it goes!
  4. Yes it is. I wasn't aware when I applied that this program had such limited spots. I doubt I will get in. I have a 3.7 average and I thought that was decent but I guess people are saying 4.0! I'm kind of bummed out about it. Do you have a backup plan if you don't get in to Laurier? I don't know of any other online SW degrees that will take psychology undergrad.
  5. The same thing happened to me but they said it won't affect us..phewf! Is this your first time applying to this program?
  6. Thanks a lot, that is very helpful! I will definitely look into that program.
  7. Just curious if anyone knows of BSW that can be completed in one year after having an undergrad in psych?
  8. Hello Everyone! I have applied to the online 2 yr MSW at Laurier. I highly doubt that I will get in after I read about the odds 10/1. I was wondering if anyone knows whether Laurier waitlists people or rejects them or both? Good luck everyone! V
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