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  1. Hello! wondering if anyone has made a facebook page for waterloo part time? Thanks!
  2. I was looking at last years page and for the 2 year program it looks like it was late March
  3. Awesome, thanks for the link! I found online under the section "Future students" it states: "Please note: during the admission process applicants may, or may not, be called for an interview". It might be something new they have started. Maybe someone else will have some insight on that 😊
  4. Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has applied to Renison (university of waterloo) before! I have started my application and I am a bit confused and would love some clarification. Is there a personal statement involved? If so do I receive the information about that once I submit my OUAC? Does everyone who is being considered for the program receive an interview or only some? Thank you!! 😀
  5. Hello! Thank you for posting here! Just wondering what your experience level was when you applied to the program? I am looking to apply to the advanced standing 1 year program
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