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  1. Hello everyone. I'm currently a senior Math major and looking at MS Statistics programs to apply to in the US. What are some graduate programs that you think someone should apply to that got a 160Q in the GRE exam and has great job placement after graduation? Ones that might even give partial funding?
  2. I have been holding out on asking about this because I hope I would've gotten this solved by now... but alas here I am. I am been trying to register for the GRE General Test for weeks now and each time I try to pay, the payment won't go through. It just shows the error 481 every time no matter what payment method or card I used (even Paypal!). I called my bank and they said nothing was wrong on their side so I have been trying to figure if the error is ETS' fault but I haven't heard back since I called last week. They did say other people have been having payment issues when I called. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm really at my wits end here, to the point where I might not even bother taking it since I have to go through all this hassle.
  3. Ok thank you for all the advice! I definitely have a lot to think about!
  4. You are definitely right; I do have more research to do on if I want to do a Masters vs PhD. @omicrontrabb @bayessays My aim is to ultimately become a Data Scientists so looking at PhDs definitely would be ideal since I do enjoy research and I like the freedom of conducting research in whatever area I want. However, because I don't know exactly what I do, I was leaning against a PhD. Being an international student definitely factors into my decision because of the limitations of us for jobs in the US, especially for undergrads. @Stat PhD Now Postdoc do you have any suggestions on PhDs for Statistics programs with a wide variety of specialties?
  5. Undergrad Institution: Top HBCU Major(s): Mathematics Concentration: Applied Mathematics Minor(s): Economics and Computer Science GPA: 3.87 Type of Student: International GRE General Test: Last summer: 157Q, 150V, 4W Will retake in the Fall, aiming for 165Q and 155V Programs Applying: Analytics Masters, Statistics Masters and PhD Research Experience: 1 REU in Computational Biology, will present research at a conference this summer, used Python to work on project. 1 REU in Analytics, 3 projects worked on, worked completely in R. Will complete a senior thesis under the guidance of a professor before graduation. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Partial tuition scholarship throughout school. Math scholarships from my department. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Hoping to become a tutor next semester and work on multiple self-directed research projects. Typical club memberships/positions. Letters of Recommendation: Two from faculty at my university who I've taken several classes from and gotten reqs from before. One from my 1st REU who wrote reqs for me before. One potential recommender who I worked directly with on an econometrics project for a class, might continue working with him next semester. Math/Statistics Grades: Calculus III (A) Intro to Computer Science (A) Computer Science II (B) Probability and Statistics I (B) Differential Equations (A) Intro to Linear Algebra (A) Introduction to Analysis I (B) Scientific Computing for Engineering (A) Intro to Econometrics (A) Numerical Analysis (A) Database Systems (A) Discrete Structures (A) Statistical Programming and Financial Literacy with R (A) Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Got interested in statistics during my econometrics course and fell in love with R shortly after that. My aim is to go into industry or be a professor and a statistics consultant on the side. I'm not sure of what I want to focus on but I am open to careers in economics, biostats, entertainment (I have find streaming stats entertaining), etc. On the fence about pursuing a Masters vs PhD but I don't want to limit myself. I am open to studying in Europe and Canada in addition to the US. Programs I definitely want to apply to: Masters: Northwestern MS in Analytics (I just fell in love with the curriculum of this program) UBC MS in Statistics PhDs: Texas A&M PhD in Statistics CMU PhD in Statistics UIUC PhD in Statistics Currently looking at others: Masters: FSU, UFlorida, Imperial College London, University of Southampton PhD: UArizona, UNebraska Lincoln, NC State, UWinconsin, Purdue, WPI Do you think the ones I want to apply to are good fit? Do you know of any other programs that would be a good fit? Thanks in advance!
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