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  1. Thank you for your information! I wonder between retake Introduce to Analysis (I took this class when I was sophomore) and Advance Cal I (real analysis I), which option is better? Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm going to be a senior year student in statistics in the upcoming Fall, and I want to apply to PhD's in statistics. At this point, I think I want to focus on machine/deep learning. Some concerns with my application is that I have 1 withdraw in Linear Algebra due to stressful time, but I retake and got an A. Moreover, I got low GRE verbal score. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Undergrad Institution: Top 100 USNews Public Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Business Analysis, and Economics GPA: 3.54 Type of Student: Asian (International Application) GRE General Test: 165Q/140V/3AWA Research Experience: - Statistic research competition (not in top 5) but received research award - Currently doing statistics research currently work on and hopefully can get public or presentation in December 2019. - Consulting statistics research work for Department of Neuroscience (Graduate course level). - Research in with professor in Economics (clean, and gather data, nothing special). - Presentation with a statistic paper at Undergraduate Workshop (The Statistical and Applied Mathematics Sciences Institute) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Top 5 students received award from department of mathematics and statistics since freshman Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Grader 1 semester in freshman for Abstract Math, 2 years tutoring Letters of Recommendation: One professor undergraduate program director (not attending in her class but work close with her since freshman) , the statistic professor I'm currently doing research, and one professor I had taken his course (graduate course). They should be good Undergraduate Courses: Probability and statistics I, II(A, B+), Linear Algebra (W, retake A), Mathematics Statistics I (A-), Calc 3 (A-), Different Equation (A), Introduce to Analysis (B-), will take Applied Statistics I II in senior years Graduate Courses: Mathematics Statistics II (A), Applied Bayesian class (B), Stochastic Processes (B), Advanced R and SAS class (A), will take Topic in Applied Statistics (Survey Sampling), Machine Learning, Applied Linear Algebra, and Nonparametric Statistics. Software: R (3 years), Python, SQL, Tableau, LaTex, C++. Program: PhD in Statistics, and MS in Statistics School List Any feedback is much appreciated
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