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  1. Does anyone have any tips for preparing to make a presentation in a non-native language that you're not the most comfortable using?
  2. @morawel I applied to my school with a proposal for an international project. Granted, I am in the US and my research is in Mexico, so it's not very far or overly expensive. However, I am part of a very small lab and my PI doesn't have grants for us to work under. I always hear people talking about "being funded" but I always figured that meant as a TA or RA, which I have. However, it's really only sufficient for living expenses, though I have to use it for travel as well. I have had help finding grants to apply for, I just haven't gotten any of them yet. But I couldn't delay the start of my research, so I had to use my own money. No one else is ever in this position? Based on my experience, I thought this might be somewhat common?
  3. Hi all, I'm a second year Ph.D. student (as of fall 2019) and I am funded with a teaching assistantship. As I'm sure you know, this means I basically earn minimum wage. Although I have applied to a lot of other sources of funding (and will continue to), I haven't received anything additional yet. My question is, for others with a similar financial situation as me, how did you pay for your research expenses. My research is international and I'm paying for everything out of pocket (flights, housing, supplies). It's a huge stressor and financial burden for me, and I'm wondering if other people share this experience with me. I also have student "fees" which amount to about $3000/year, which are not covered by my funding (though the rest of tuition is). Is putting out more applications the only thing I can do? How do people survive like this? I feel like and idiot paying for all of this but I don't know what else I'm supposed to do when my research requires it.
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