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  1. Thank you both so much for your thoughtful responses. After reading them and doing a bit more soul searching and reality checking I'm considering a post baccalaureate program at Lyme Academy of Art. http://www.lymeacademy.edu/art-college-post-baccalaureate.htm will post more when I learn more.
  2. This forum has been great to read. I am beginning to put together apps for MFA in printmaking and am feeling pretty insecure. Have been out of school for 14 yrs! Anyone else out there like me? Thoughts on how important undergrad transcripts are at this point? My undergrad GPA wasn't spectacular. I have a fairly strong resume and I will be taking a graduate printmaking class before applying (need a LOR) and am considering taking an art history or two to strengthen my undergrad GPA. Necessary? Other option is to focus on my portfolio, statement and LOR's and hope my undergrad transcripts aren't
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