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  1. Thank you so much guys! Also wishing you guys the best!!!!! You all made this journey bearable for me so thank you!!
  2. I just go accepted into my top program (The JHU Mental Health Program). I am in extreme shock and I am so so happy. I never thought I would receive this opportunity😭😭
  3. For the one that posted an acceptance at the Mental Health program at John Hopkins, may I ask what department interviewed you or if you have any updates on the number of people being accepted (1 vs 2)?
  4. I have reached out to the Emory Behavioral health program about interview invites and they were very nice but replied with the standard 'a small number of applicants will be interviewed' and that results will be out in early February. I didn't get a full answer on whether all invites were already sent out and/or whether interviews are required for every candidate so I am not sure about this process/timeline. If anyone has heard/know anything, please do let us know...as I am currently considering this a rejection since interview day is on Feb 3-6?
  5. One of my interviews has asked me to choose between a phone and skype interview. Any tips/preferences?
  6. Has anyone heard anything at all from the BSHE program at Emory? I see two postings about an interview but that's it and I know that interview week is coming up....
  7. Thank you!! And I totally understand, I was also torn between the two (this was my only non-sbs program) but the MHS program sound like a good back up plan although I am sure you will definitely get in somewhere seeing how knowledgeable you are!
  8. I am in extreme extreme shock but just heard back from the mental health program at John Hopkins for an interview. This is a dream come true for me, to even get an interview and I don't know what to say. Thank you all for being so supportive all this time...I don't know what to say as this is my top program.
  9. I did!! I haven't heard anything yet either and it's my top program. I am so nervous as well but trying to not get my hopes up due to low stats. I haven't seen a lot of people mention it here though!
  10. I am taking a winter break class to keep myself occupied. Nothing else has worked for me...😅Please do let me know of your distraction routines.
  11. No, I havens't received anything from Brown Yet Either. Nor have I received anything from Emory. Has anyone heard from Emory yet?
  12. Your research interests and experience are so awesome! I would seriously not worry about scores, I have seen so many people on these forums get in without perfect scores/grades The mental health program at JHU seems so cool, I'm here rooting for you!! Thank you so much! I have been going to Yoga classes to deal with the anxiety, but I will try to be positive! I see that you're also applying to Brown and John Hopkins! Goodluck on all your applications!
  13. You are all so qualified! Schools: Brown Behavioral and Social Sciences; Emory Behavioral and Health Education; CUNY Community Health and Health Policy; Drextel Community Health and Prevention; John Hopkins Mental Health (really want to get into this one!) GRE: 146Q 153V 4W (These scores are not new/ I retook it this year but did significantly worse as I got sick on test week unfortunately; couldn't even finish exam and was hospitalized) Grad GPA : very very low; I was still a pre-med student until mid semester of my first year at my master's training; I took physics and orgo during this time which really killed my gpa). Public health GPA without those classes in grad school is at 3.8 though, I am not sure if this matters) Undergraduate major: Neuroscience/Psychology Graduate/MPH Concentration: Global health (both at same school) Experience: 2 research assistant positions, I was also a CNA, a lot of customer service/managing experience (of five years)--not sure how relevant this is, but I have explained this in my statements, 2 submitted publications, 2 more publications in review; In overall, I am not really hopeful as I am not that experienced nor do I have high scores; I went straight to my MPH after undergrad too; Nevertheless, after talking with the different faculty from different schools, I was encouraged and wrote really compelling statements (at least I think I did) and I have tried to market myself and my background to fit the programs as much as I could. Got LORs from the two faculty that I have worked with, and from my supervisor of five years (which is not public health related; but customer service related)... Research Interests: interplay of mental health conditions, sleep health, infectious diseases, health promotion, health disparities, marginalized communities via innovative and rigorous methodologies (such as health informatics, mixed methods research, community-based participatory research, etc) I am extremely anxious, and I am trying to not expect too much due to my lacking stats. Would love to hear more from all of you and good-luck to everyone!
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