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  1. Hey! Has anyone heard anything from UCSB lately?
  2. Congratulations and good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great! I did the phone call thing before submitting my applications and going into each I felt like I had to be super prepared but looking back on it I think I just psyched myself out. I also found it really helpful to have a little cheat sheet with all the important points just so I knew I didn’t miss anything too valuable! Good luck!! I had a call with UCSB back a bit ago and I don’t remember them ever mentioning interviews. So I’m kinda hoping I checked that box already, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough!
  3. Hey! I saw a UCSB interview get posted, congratulations! If they wouldn't mind sharing is it a formal interview situation? UCSB is by far my top choice so I'm just wondering if I should accept my fate now! 😂
  4. Hi everyone! Does anyone have advice as to how to say in contact with POIs throughout the application procress? I had a phone call with my top choice back in September, and she had mentioned that that call could be the first of many and she could FaceTime me around the lab to do a tour. I'm interested in doing that but I feel like it would be a bit weird just to reach out just for that. I'm probably just over thinking it, but I wanted some other insight before hitting send! Thanks!
  5. I don't know too much about North Carolina State University, so I can't help much there. But I do know UT has a great reputation for bio, and I'm pretty such they have collections there that you can use in your research, so that's a real benefit. They also have a lot of resources in terms of labs and funding that you probably won't find at smaller schools. If your looking at Megan Perry at East Carolina I've only ever heard great things about her. As for Mississippi State, I'm currently at Southern Miss and I've heard great things about their program from their students. I'm pretty sure they have two birch faculty that are pretty great and they have active field programs which is a definite plus. If your not opposed to Ole Miss, I would look into them too. Carolyn Freiwald is absolutely great!
  6. Let me know if need any suggestions! I’m in a terminal MA right now and the last time I applied I did mostly master programs, so I might be able to come up with a few suggestions!
  7. I actually have not, thanks for letting me know! I knew they had started a PhD program but I didn’t realize how many people worked in Mesoamerica. Thanks again!
  8. Hi all! I thought I’d get one of these started for the next application round. It was really helpful when I was applying to MA programs a few years ago. I’m applying to PhD programs. I’m bioarch and my thesis research has been focusing on the use of photogrammetry in biodistance research. Regionally I’m looking programs that work in Central and South America. I don’t have all that many programs on my list right now as it seems everyone I’ve emailed isn’t taking students so any suggestions would be really helpful!
  9. From everything that I have heard about GRE scores is that they are not a make or break factor in an application. There is much more of an emphasis on your statement and prior experience, which it seems as though you have enough of, so I wouldn't worry to much! I had similar scores to yours last time I was applying and didn't have any problems.Though I mostly applied to MA programs along with one PhD. I didn't get into the PhD program but I was originally waitlisted if that's any help. If you're really nervous there is still quite a bit of time so you can alway retake. I did that to quiet the little nagging voice in my head but it probably wasn't worth in the end for me just to gain 2 points. But that is always an option.
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