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  1. I applied to Fordham's Elections and Campaign Management Program. My application was submitted by their January deadline, but was not complete because I was still waiting for one recommendation to be completed. So, I was lumped in with the April 6th deadline (do you think this will hurt me?). Fordham is the only grad school I applied to, so I really want to know the verdict so I could start my planning (I'm graduating in a couple of weeks!) I called after my application was submitted and was first told that it was rolling admissions, then I was told mid April, then late April, then first week to second week of May. The waiting game is killing me. I went to SUNY New Paltz for undergrad and am graduating with a 3.6. I read one recommendation and it was pretty solid. I had a good amount of extra-curricula activities and am confident about my writing sample/ statement of intent and thankfully, the GRE was not required. I think my chances may be ok? But, I'm not sure. It just seems so late to get back to me with a decision! Anyone else in the same boat?
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